Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Haunted Boston Harbor" hits August 23, 2016

Ghosts lurk in the waters near Boston’s historic seaport, haunting the secluded islands scattered throughout the harbor. Boston Harbor brims with the restless spirits of pirates, prisoners and victims of disease and injustice. Uncover the truth behind the Lady in Black on Georges Island. Learn about the former asylums on Long Island that inspired the movie Shutter Island, and dig up the skeletal secrets left behind by the Woman in Scarlet Robes. From items flying off the shelves at a North End cigar shop to the postmortem cries of tragedy at the centuries-old Boston Light on Little Brewster, author Sam Baltrusis breathes new life into the horrors that occurred in the historic waters surrounding Boston.

The Lady in Black has slashed prices for a limited time HERE. Save 13 percent on pre-orders.

Monday, May 30, 2016

"Paranormal Provincetown" by author Sam Baltrusis

Known as the spot where the Pilgrims first set foot on Cape Cod in 1620, it's no surprise that Provincetown, Massachusetts, is a hotspot for tourists as well as hauntings―including over twenty historic, crime, nightlife, overnight, secret, and Truro haunts. Take a stroll along Commercial Street where the historic Lancy mansion is allegedly haunted by an old woman who died in the late 1800s, but due to the frozen ground, she couldn't be buried, so her son kept her propped up at an open window all winter long. Learn about the historic "Black Flash" of Provincetown―a grim reaper-type beast that would snatch children away in the 1930s. From the historic maritime-themed buildings lining Commercial Street to the shores of the Provincetown Harbor, it is clear that there is hardly a corner of the tip of Cape Cod where the paranormal cannot be experienced.

 Click HERE to pre-order the book. Here's the book trailer:

Sunday, September 27, 2015

'13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts' will be unleashed 10.13.15

Paranormal journalist and "Ghosts of Boston" author Sam Baltrusis has traveled all over Massachusetts in search of New England's most haunted.

From the oldest continuously operating hotel the Omni Parker House to the beautiful but extremely active Haunted Victorian in Gardner, Baltrusis breathes new life into the long departed.

Check out "13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts" HERE.

Here's a sneak peek of the 30-minute documentary:

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cambridge Haunts ghost tour ended on Saturday, Sept. 26

NOTE:  We're moving the Cambridge Haunts tour to Boston Haunts for the month of October. If you purchased a LivingSocial or Groupon, it's still valid for for the 7:30 p.m. tours in Boston.

Explore the secrets of old Cambridge with a lantern-led walk through Harvard Square's historic haunts.

Travel back through history to witness the early days of Harvard Yard, learn about the city's ghastly tales of murder and uncover the truth behind some of Harvard Square's more infamous ghosts.

Which Ivy League hall is the Yard's most haunted? Who is Holbrook Smith? Which Harvard Square church boasts a ghost of a fallen redcoat? What's the Kirkland Street Nightmare? The 90-minute long Harvard Square walking tour leaves precisely at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday --rain or shine--beginning Saturday, May 30 through Sept. 26.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cambridge Haunts promotion from our friends at LivingSocial

Snagged a LivingSocial deal here? Email us at info@cambridgehaunts.com with the day you would like to go (Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.) and the size of your party and we will gladly book your tour.

Remember, we have an Insidious 3 promotion on Friday, May 29 ... so sign up soon.

Here's the lowdown:

Great for a night with your significant other, a friend, or a double date, Cambridge Haunts gives you a ghouling good time loaded with history and mystery:

• $15 ($30 value) for two tickets for the Harvard Square ghost tour
• $25 ($60 value) for four tickets for the Harvard Square ghost tour
• Learn about some of Harvard Square's most infamous spirits while touring the area on foot by lantern light

Click here for the LivingSocial promotion. It's for a limited time only. Also, we will accept the vouchers for tours in September and October. We just ask that you book your tour before August.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Groupon reservation hub for Cambridge Haunts ghost tour

Snagged a Living Social deal here? Email us at info@cambridgehaunts.com with the day you would like to go and the size of your party and we will gladly book your tour.

Scored a Groupon? Spooktacular. However, you need to schedule your tour ASAP. Follow these simple steps to redeem your deal. Each tour has a limited number of slots so we strongly recommend scheduling your tour sooner rather than later especially with Halloween creeping around the corner:

However, you need to schedule your tour ASAP. Follow these simple steps to redeem your deal. Each tour has a limited number of slots so we strongly recommend scheduling your tour sooner rather than later:

1). Click on the "Enter promotional code" link at the bottom of the registration form.

2). Enter your unique eight-digit alpha code next to the barcode and without the hyphen, hit "apply" and either Groupon-2 or Groupon-4 will pop up based on your deal.

3). Then, go to the "select date" pull-down menu. Also, you need to specify the size of your party based on the Groupon purchased (quantity is either 2 or 4).

4). Hit the "register" button and then enter your information on the next screen. You will automatically receive an email with tickets to the event.

5). Show up 15-minutes before the tour coming from State Street of the MBTA's Orange or Blue Lines and dress accordingly for the colder weather. Enjoy!

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to schedule your tour. Or, contact us via email at info@cambridgehaunts.com.

IMPORTANT: When entering your 8-letter Groupon code into the scheduling system, don't use the hyphen (so it's ABCDEFGH and not ABCD-EFGH). Also, it's the 8-digit number on your Groupon next to the barcode and NOT the alpha-numeric confirmation code. Email us at info@cambridgehaunts.com with any questions.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spirited post-tour dining option at Grafton Group's PARK

The most asked question on our popular Cambridge Haunts walking tour? What Harvard Square haunt would we recommend to top off their already spirited evening. We send them to PARK Restaurant & Bar.

Yep, we've dug up some interesting ghost lore associated with the 59 JFK Street restaurant:

The Newtowne Market jail was built between Winthrop Square and Eliot Street (currently home to Staples and the restaurant called PARK in Harvard Square) in 1692 when the witch-hunt mentality started to sweep New England. Many women, and some men, who were accused of cavorting with evil and Quakers like Anne Hutchinson, were imprisoned there but never hanged. Some like Lydia Dustin, who was declared not guilty of the dark arts, but couldn’t afford the prison fees died tragically in shackles. In contrast, Dustin’s relative Elizabeth Coleson was also accused and found not guilty of dark arts. She was released several days before her grandmother’s tragic death on March 10, 1693.

So, when an assistant manager at PARK talked about several alleged encounters with the paranormal at the Harvard Square restaurant, he was surprised by its historical back story. Its past as Cambridge's witch jail possibly left a psychic imprint, or a residual mark, on the location. According to a recent interview, the manager sensed an authoritative presence while working upstairs and was shot by rubber bands by a pesky poltergeist that came from no where. Glasses mysteriously shattered at PARK and owners were shocked to find all of the glass shelving "which was thick" behind the bar shatter in a "very violent way." Was it an accused witch declaring her postmortem innocence?

Apps for Apps! Download the new Grafton Group app and make a reservation using the app (and include a note on the reservation about being a new mobile app user) before May 31 to redeem a special off-menu appetizer exclusive to users. Tell them that Cambridge Haunts sent you!